Friends are family
琥珀生活集,  親愛的我

Friends Are Ohana

Ohona in Hawaiian means FAMILY. To me, family is more than just father, mother, siblings, and relatives. A lot of times, I see friends as family, my ohana.

Someone said that “Friends are the family you choose.” What an inspiring statement. I believe each individual has the right to choose/allow whoever could stay, or should leave his/her life.

I have always been grateful to have good friends in my life. Friendship places an important part of my life since I believe that individual can be influential! Therefore, being able to choose friends wisely effects our lives deeply.

Being able to choose friends wisely effects our lives deeply.

This is how it usually works (my version of Friendship 101). I welcome anyone who approaches me, in a way that I can handle, of course! I mean… I’m always open for friendship, but it doesn’t mean I would keep each friendship long lasting. I give people opportunity and chances to get to know me; meanwhile, I’ll have an “ongoing investigation” on them to find out if they are trustworthy of my friendship. As my love never comes cheap, I leave and cut off any unnecessary contact the soonest if I ever feel uncomfortable around one individual. However, if I have ever decided to keep a person (ohana/friend) in my life, I then am willing to nurture the relationship in anyway and every way possible.

“‘Ohana’ means ‘family’, and ‘family’ means nobody gets left behind.”

Friends are the ohona I choose, and I cherish and never forget or leave ohona behind.