Taiwan trip
琥珀生活集,  親愛的我

New Year Celebration Trip 2018

I never find time to capture in words the wonderful things that happened during the Taichung trip last week.

B and I had planed to have this trip to happen for quite sometimes. This was supposed to be just the two of us, but it ended up a group trip. B and her sisters flew in 2 days early, then a friend and I joined in on Dec 30 2017. Even though it was a trip of the 5 of us, we in fact had only 1 1/2 days together as we did not fly into Taiwan the same time. It was short, but I enjoyed every second we spent together.

This trip was fabulous in a way that I did not expect. First of all, I did not expect to have a reunion with so many of my dear friends. My local friends were able to travel a long (and short) way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with me in Taichung. Pretty much everyone I was hoping to see were at the party. I was, and will forever be grateful for the love and hospitality I extend to me.

Secondly of all, everyone got along well. I was really grateful that B and her sisters got along with all my other friends during the trip. Not that I was expecting fights or chaos, but I understood that everyone was different, and I just wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome, and had fun. I see goodness in each one of my friends, and I want others to see it too. That was why I was a bit anxious about the whole trip. My anxiousness was wasted as the trip went well.

If you ask if I would go on a similar trip again in the future, I would say definitely say yes to it. Being able to travel with favorite people is priceless. The precious moments we have with each other do not come easy as everyone has a different schedule in life; hence the lasting memory we create together accumulates and strengthens relations. I look forward to many other trips with my dear friends, and (maybe) the opportunity to make new friends.